Spark Etail Mission Statement

Spark Etail Mission Statement

To help people think about what they are buying.

Visitors to our portfolio of websites, whether they’re new to the idea of ethically conscious buying or seasoned ethical purchasers, should feel at ease and empowered to want to learn more about how they can make a difference to people and our planet by switching more and more of their purchases to ethical alternatives.

Whether they’re interested in Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan or other ethical choices, by working with the leading ethical brands around we hope to bring our customers the widest selection of high quality ethical products available online.

Working closely with producers and suppliers we categorise products by ethics and certifications to make people aware of what they’re buying - enabling our customers to “buy what they believe”, making choices that are important to them as individuals so they can make decisions based on their own beliefs and priorities.

Learning together with customers and suppliers we are on an evolving journey to expand ethical consumerism.